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We offer development services that create robust systems using modern technologies. Whether you’re looking for a website design, Ecommerce website, Android application or CRM, we are the agency you are looking for.

Web Applications#

  • We will use standard web design technologies.
  • We develop software application mostly using the programming language Python and the application Django. Django is a secure framework that is being used by any companies.
  • We deploy applications using Heroku, Digital Ocean or Amazon Web Services

Ecommerce Aplication Development#

Some features of our ecommerce applications#

  • Built on a modern technology stack
  • Flexible product types. Handle digital and physical inventory!
  • Unlimited product attributes
  • SEO optimization
  • Product bundles and collections
  • Sales history and metrics
  • GDPR ready
  • Payment integration using global providers like Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe
  • Avalara and Vatlayer integrations cover tax calculations
  • Create sales and vouchers in a dedicated dashboard module


You do not need to worry about the technologies to host your web site.

  • We can host your web site using cloud computing technologies.
  • We monitor your web site for you

Data Analytics#

We can help you...

  • Understand how data science fits in your organisation.
  • Use your data to gain real value
  • Solve your problems data-analytically, using data mining to gather information in the most appropriate way
  • Understand general concepts for actually extracting knowledge from data using machine learning algorithms